Dropday’s features

Discover how Dropday simplifies your e-commerce tasks through streamlined automation. Our features are designed to enhance your business operations seamlessly.

Automated Purchase Orders by Email

Send personalized purchase orders by emails to your supplier or vendor. You can even add a packing slip as attachment.

Include packing slip as attachment

Use variables in your email template

Create different templates for each supplier

Automated Purchase Orders via FTP

Place an XML, CSV or TXT file with the order details on an external FTP server of your supplier or vendor.

Place XML, CSV or TXT files on your suppliers FTP

Hold specific orders for review

Split orders

Automatically separate different parts of an order for split fulfillment.

Split orders based on your suppliers

Automatically fulfill parts of an order

Purchase order review

Hold incoming orders and review them before placing a purchase order with your supplier.

Hold orders for review based on different variables

Approve or decline orders

Import & update products

Import and update products from your supplier into your webshop.

Import products with XML into your shop

Daily stock and purchase price updates