Forward orders automatically to your suppliers

Do you spend a lot of time forwarding orders to your suppliers? With Dropday you can automate this process and save a lot of time!

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Ways of forwarding your orders



Send personalized emails to your suppliers.


FTP server

Connect via FTP and place XML or CSV files on it.



Place manual orders on your supplier's webshop.

How does Dropday work?

1. Connect your webshop
Use one of our free plugins and easily
connect your webshop.

2. Match your products
Create rules and easily link products
to your supplier.

3. Forward your orders
Receive orders and automatically
forward them to your supplier.


We have an integration for the most popular e-commerce platforms.

Do you want to build a solution yourself? We also have an API.


Pay per successfully forwarded order only. First 90 days free.

No lock-in contracts, no hidden fees, no credit card required.

Email to supplier

  • Send personalized emails to suppliers

€ 0,05 per order

File on FTP-server

  • Place XML or CSV files on your supplier's FTP server

€ 0,10 per order

Order on webshop

  • Automatically place orders on your supplier's webshop

€ 1,95 per order

No action

  • If your order should not be forwarded


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Trusted by 1.000+ webshops

"20% of our products we don't keep in stock ourselves. It was always a lot of work to filter these products from the orders. This is now done automatically by Dropday. This saves us a lot of time!"

Vincent (ProfiShop)

"Since we use Dropday to automatically forward our orders to our suppliers, we don't make mistakes anymore."

Joost (Refurbished MacBook Pro)

Why use Dropday?

Save a lot of time

Automatically forward all your orders.

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