Dropship an Order by Placing XML File on FTP with PrestaShop

Simplify dropshipping in PrestaShop by placing XML files on FTP with Dropday. Connect seamlessly with PrestaShop, establish rules, and configure your supplier for automated dropshipping.

Running an e-commerce business using PrestaShop requires the ability to manage a range of tasks, including dropshipping. When dropshipping involves placing XML files on FTP for communication with suppliers, it can become a daunting manual operation. Errors in creating, formatting, or placing XML files can lead to miscommunication, delays, and ultimately dissatisfied customers.

How can Dropday help you with this?

How can Dropday help you with this?

Dropday's integration with PrestaShop offers a powerful automation solution, allowing you to effortlessly place XML files on FTP for dropshipping. This streamlines the process, eliminates potential mistakes, and ensures swift and precise collaboration with suppliers.

How to Dropship an Order by Placing XML File on FTP with PrestaShop

Here's a guide on how to utilize Dropday for this purpose:

  1. Sign-up at Dropday: Start your automation journey by creating an account on Dropday.

  2. Connect with PrestaShop (follow the instructions):

    • In Dropday, go to the integrations section.

    • Choose PrestaShop and provide your store's URL.

    • Follow the guided instructions to complete the connection.

  3. Setup a Rule to Decide Which Order Lines Are Going to Be Shipped:

    • Access the Rules section within Dropday.

    • Create a new rule to define the orders that will be dropshipped.

    • Save this rule for automatic application.

  4. Configure Your Supplier with XML File on FTP Method:

    • Visit the Supplier configuration area in Dropday.

    • Opt for the XML file on FTP method.

    • Enter the required FTP details, including host, username, password, and directory path.

    • Define the XML structure to match your supplier's specifications.

      • Save the configuration to finalize.

Now, when an order matching your criteria is made on your PrestaShop store, Dropday will automatically generate and place the corresponding XML file on the specified FTP location. This automation minimizes the need for manual intervention, enhances accuracy, and ensures timely execution.

The advantages of Dropshipping an Order by Placing XML File on FTP with PrestaShop

With Dropday's ability to automate dropshipping by placing XML files on FTP with PrestaShop, you pave the way for a more responsive and effective e-commerce operation. Embracing this technology means moving towards a future where your dropshipping processes are streamlined, reliable, and designed with customer satisfaction in mind.