Place a Purchase Order by Placing a CSV File on FTP with PrestaShop

Automate purchase order placements using CSV files on FTP with PrestaShop through Dropday. Connect PrestaShop, establish order rules, and configure FTP settings with your supplier for seamless and efficient purchase order processing.

This feature is partially ready / beta

Managing purchase orders by placing CSV files on FTP servers manually is a common practice among PrestaShop merchants, but it's a process that often proves to be intricate and error-prone. The necessity to create, format, and manually upload CSV files to an FTP server requires detailed attention, and any oversight can lead to delays, inconsistencies, and frustration. The manual handling of these files can consume a considerable amount of time and resources, hindering overall business efficiency.

How can Dropday help you with this?

How can Dropday help you with this?

Features / Purchase Orders Via FTPDropday offers a comprehensive solution to this problem by automating the placement of purchase orders using CSV files on FTP with PrestaShop. This integration enables merchants to optimize their purchase order management, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency.

How to Place a Purchase Order by Placing a CSV File on FTP with PrestaShop

Here’s how to use Dropday for automating purchase orders with CSV files on FTP in PrestaShop:

  1. Sign-up at Dropday: Register on Dropday to access its suite of automation tools.

  2. Connect with PrestaShop (follow the instructions):

    • Go to the integrations page on Dropday.

    • Select PrestaShop and input your store's details.

    • Follow the guided steps to ensure a secure connection.

  3. Setup a Rule to Decide Which Order Lines Are Going to Be Shipped:

    • Navigate to the Rules section within Dropday.

    • Create and define a specific rule to determine which orders should be processed.

    • Save the rule for automated application to future orders.

  4. Configure Your Supplier with CSV File on FTP Method:

    • Access the Supplier settings in Dropday.

    • Opt for the CSV file on FTP method.

    • Enter the necessary FTP details, including the server address, username, password, and desired directory.

    • Confirm and store these details.

Dropday takes the reins from there, automatically handling all relevant purchase orders in your PrestaShop store by creating and placing CSV files on the designated FTP server. This automation eradicates the need for cumbersome manual work, ensuring fast and accurate processing.

The advantages of Placing a Purchase Order by Placing a CSV File on FTP with PrestaShop

By leveraging Dropday to manage purchase order placements through CSV files on FTP with PrestaShop, merchants can turn a complex and tedious task into a smooth, streamlined operation. This innovative integration frees up time and resources, allowing businesses to concentrate on growth and customer engagement.