Place a Purchase Order by Placing a CSV File on FTP with Shopify

Streamline purchase order placements in Shopify by leveraging CSV files on FTP with Dropday. Easily connect Shopify, define order rules, and configure FTP settings with your supplier for flawless and expedited order processing.

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Shopify merchants who opt to handle purchase orders through CSV files on an FTP server are often faced with an intricate and time-consuming process. The CSV format's simplicity and wide usage are counterbalanced by the complexities of manually creating, formatting, and placing these files on an FTP server. Mistakes can easily occur in this multifaceted procedure, leading to delays, confusion, and potential impact on customer satisfaction.

How can Dropday help you with this?

How can Dropday help you with this?

Enter Dropday, a robust automation tool that simplifies the placement of purchase orders through CSV files on FTP for Shopify stores. By seamlessly integrating Shopify with Dropday, merchants can automate this entire workflow, enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and saving valuable time.

How to Place a Purchase Order by Placing a CSV File on FTP with Shopify

Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up Dropday for automating purchase orders with CSV files on FTP in Shopify:

  1. Sign-up at Dropday: Register on Dropday to access its powerful automation capabilities.

  2. Connect with Shopify (follow the instructions):

    • Navigate to Dropday's integrations page.

    • Select Shopify and provide your store's details.

    • Complete the on-screen instructions to establish the connection.

  3. Setup a Rule to Decide Which Order Lines Are Going to Be Shipped:

    • Go to the Rules section in Dropday.

    • Create and define a specific rule that outlines which orders will be processed.

    • Save this rule for automated application to subsequent orders.

  4. Configure Your Supplier with CSV File on FTP Method:

    • Access the Supplier settings within Dropday.

    • Choose the CSV file on FTP method.

    • Input the required FTP details, including server address, username, password, and the desired directory path.

    • Validate and save these settings.

With everything configured, Dropday automatically handles the creation and placement of CSV files on the specified FTP server for all applicable purchase orders in your Shopify store. This automation removes the need for manual intervention, ensuring swift and error-free processing.

The advantages of Placing a Purchase Order by Placing a CSV File on FTP with Shopify

By employing Dropday to automate purchase order placements through CSV files on FTP with Shopify, merchants can refocus their energy on enhancing their business and pleasing customers. This invaluable integration turns a traditionally laborious task into a smooth and seamless operation, optimizing the entire supply chain.