Getting started with Suppliers and Actions

Need help getting started with Suppliers and Actions? This article walks you through the basics.

With Suppliers and Actions you can determine where and how your orders should be purchased.

Things to know

Here are some key things you should know about Suppliers and Actions.

  • You can create multiple Suppliers, each with its own Action.

  • After you have created a Supplier with an Action, you need to create a Rule to determine which products should be ordered at that Supplier.

  • When you use Test mode, the products will not be ordered at your Supplier.


We use the name Supplier to indicate the company that supplies the products. After you have created the Supplier, you need to select the Action (how you want to purchase the products from your Supplier).

Create a Supplier

To create a Supplier, follow these steps:

  1. In the menu, click Suppliers

  2. Click New Supplier.

  3. At Name, enter the name of your supplier.

  4. Select the Action (how you want your products to be ordered at your supplier).

  5. Click Save.

The Supplier is now created. Based on the selected Action, you will now see a new screen. In this screen you have to configure the Action. Below you will find more information about Actions.


There are 4 options of Actions when creating a new Supplier.

Send email

When you select this Action, an email will be sent to your Supplier, after you received an order.

Place webshop order

When you select this Action, the purchase order will be placed manually on your Supplier's webshop or portal by an employee of Dropday, after you received an order.

Place file on FTP server

When you select this Action, an .XML or .CSV file will be placed on the FTP-server of your Supplier, after you received an order.

No action

When you select this option, there will be no action. When you receive an order, the products will be matched with your Supplier, but we will take no action.